Stuart Woods delivers a fun, fast-paced read with Insatiable Appetites, the 32nd novel in his Stone Barrington series. 

When we last left Stone, he was on the run from the Russian mob in Paris where he was in the midst of launching a new business ventureIn this novel, however, the cop-turned-lawyer is back in the States, dealing with even more ruthless characters.

After he pays a visit to an elderly friend with ties to the mafia, he soon finds himself embroiled in the midst of three high profile situations.

In the first, a sudden death reveals a major crime that could have a significant rippling effect through the art world.

Stone must also deal carefully with a dangerous blast from his past who would like nothing better than to see him dead.

Finally, a high profile murder leads to a new case which implicates people in the highest echelons of power. Meanwhile, the body count continues to rise.

Insatiable Appetites

Although most of Woods' books are page turners, I found Insatiable Appetites among the best of the author's work. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough as I wondered how these three storylines would intertwine, and how the real killer would ultimately be identified.

All of our favorite characters are here, plus enough new ones that things are definitely kept interesting. But then, that's Woods for you, always stirring the pot to create the perfect, delicious novel that we'd love to savor, but can't resist gulping down in one sitting. Thank goodness he's such a prolific author!

Reminiscent of the best of Lawrence Sanders and Sidney Sheldon, Stuart WoodsInsatiable Appetites delivers a dash of romance, tons of mystery, and enough suspects to keep even the most seasoned reader guessing until the last page.

So wrap a napkin around your neck and have your utensils at the ready, because this feast of a novel will have you scarfing down pages faster than a starving man at a pie eating contest, and yet you'll still come out smiling and clamoring for more.

By Stuart Woods
320 pps. G.P. Putnam's Sons. $27.95.

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