When you think about the SouthCoast's most expensive homes, Nantucket's housing market certainly comes to mind. So imagine what kind of price tag a place would need to become the elite island's most expensive home ever sold.

One palatial estate is trying to do just that.

The 15,332-square-foot home at 20-20 Berkeley Ave #21 in Nantucket is being listed by Marybeth Gilmartin of Compass Realty and has an asking price of a whopping $56 million. For all that unbelievable amount of money you'd get four acres of beachfront property, three separate houses containing 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and six fireplaces, plus a front-row view of Nantucket Harbor.

Is all of that worthy of becoming Massachusetts' most expensive home ever sold? The current owners definitely think so.

Just this past November, Chatham broke its town record for the most expensive home at $15 million and in May a former beach club turned private residence on Nantucket with an asking price of $39 million looked to become the island's highest-priced home. Now the estate known as 'Beams End' wants to blow both of those homes out of the water.

Just to put that $56 million price tag into perspective, it means about $300,000 a month of mortgage payments on a 30-year loan. Dang!

So, what makes this property worth the seemingly insane asking price? Keep scrolling to see the grounds, the rooms and the views that have put this house firmly in the price range of Powerball Jackpot lottery winners and America's 1 percent.

See Inside the House That Could Be Massachusetts' Most Expensive Ever Sold

Nantucket boasts lots of pricey waterfront homes, but one that just hit the market wants to become Massachusetts' most expensive home ever sold. The 15,332 square-foot mansion is listed for a seemingly insane $56 million. So what do you get for all the money?

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