A quaint gathering at the downtown New Bedford library, A UMass-Dartmouth Education Professor delivering much more than promised. Dr. Ricardo Rosa bringing to light a release, last week, by the Amherst-Pelham School District. They have affirmed the right of parents and children to Opt out of high stakes testing.

The icing on the cake. New Bedford School Committee Vice-Chair Josh Amaral intends to follow-up and write a similar policy for New Bedford Schools. Amaral told me he'll try to have New Bedford's Refusal Policy prepared and on the agenda for the April 11 School Committee meeting. One very important point. Josh says this policy won't go anywhere without positive support from New Bedford residents, particularly parents. You'll be needed in numbers at the SC meeting.

By the way, you'll be surprised by how many local families are writing or signing Refusal forms to keep their children from being over-burdened by PARCC. Dr. Rosa claims his son has been opting out since middle school when the child was ill, but felt compelled to show up at school to take MCAS.

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