It was Tuesday evening, February 11 at about 5:45 pm, just as I was getting to the good part of MA Senate President Therese Murray saying she was not happy with the state's healthcare connector website, when, BOOM, a hollow and large bang sounded and the floor under my feet transferred the  motion and noise, but without duration. I finished my sentence about Ms. Murray and as a matter of fact said that I think we just had an earth tremor. I described the noise and the vibration and within seconds, my lines were flashing with listeners who heard and felt the same thing. "I'm on West Island and there was this huge bang. Was there an explosion?" Calls flooded in from Rochester to South Dartmouth and Marion to New Bedford. Everyone calling in either to report yet another earthquake or to inquire if we actually had another quake, from a few weeks ago, when one was reported nearby. It was interesting to hear the reaction of each caller. Some were excited, others were fearful like the elderly woman from the North End who called to tell me that she was in bed when it started to shake up and down, to which I said the shaking up and down  might be a good thing! She cracked up and we we hung up in a happier mood as I faded Carole King's, I Feel The Earth Move, into my farewell monologue.