The senior class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire has set the bar really high for exceptional character. They saved their entire high school career for a class trip New York, but they unanimously decided to cancel it and instead donated every penny to their principal, who’s currently battling cancer.

The students had raised nearly $8,000 within four years. What would have been a four-day trip to Rydin’ Hi Ranch in Adirondack State Park, is now a charitable donation to Principal Courtney Vashaw's medical expenses. Vashaw "told the kids she was battling a rare and aggressive soft-tissue cancer," and the students did not hesitate to give all the funds to her for treatment.

The students respect Vashaw's selflessness and compassion, and it inspired them to reciprocate. “Ms. Vashaw really touched us all and influenced our lives,” Profile senior Leanza Hunt told, “And we know she would have done the same for us. We wanted to give back to her after she’s done so much for us.”

If that weren't enough to bring a tear to your eye, the students already have plans to raise more money for their principal...a vintage car rally in August. “I will never be able to pay them back,” Vashaw said, “but it is my full intent to pay it forward.”