As we've talked about on Spooky Southcoast in the past, some U.S. states do in fact require people selling their home to disclose if the property is allegedly haunted. New Jersey, for example, requires sellers to disclose any "psychological impairments."

From New Jersey Administrative Code 11:5-6.4“psychological impairments” includes, but is not limited to, a murder or suicide which occurred on a property, or a property purportedly being haunted.

Other states, such as Massachusetts, require sellers to disclose such information only if asked by the potential buyer (so remember to always ask!). This is far more common than places like New Jersey or Hawaii where it is mandatory to provide such information. But generally, reports of paranormal activity do little to hamper a potential sale here in the U.S., even though many people to take precautions before selling a haunted home:

In Hong Kong, however, it's a much different story. There, not only is it a requirement to report alleged hauntings, it also has a direct effect on the value of the property--sometimes dropping the price by as much as 40 percent. I know it wouldn't bother me to live there--don't tell the realtor this, but I'd probably pay more to live in a haunted house! What about you?

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