Today is like a quasi-state holiday in Massachusetts. 


Well, it just so happens to be the birthday of on Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., aka the GOAT.

This year's birthday is especially exciting, as the future Hall-of-Famer will head over the hill to age 40.

Though he's stepped into his fourth decade hear on earth, Brady's play on the field hasn't reflected that. Coming off of another MVP-like season, in which he led the Pats to the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history and captured game MVP honors, Brady appears to be getting better as he ages.

Though the team is only a couple of days into training camp for this season, the 40-year-old's Benjamin Button style of play has seemingly continued, as he's completed over 80% of his passes through the first few practices.

So, here's to another successful year for TB12, as he ages like the finest of wine.

Why don't we all honor him by purchasing a copy of his new book, The TB12 Method, which might help us find rejuvenation as we age as well.

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