As many people expected, the NFL suspended New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski today, following his dirty hit against Buffalo's Tre'Davious White in New England's 23-3 win on Sunday. 

Gronkowski leveled the unsuspecting cornerback, as he laid down half in bounds and half out, after intercepting a pass intended for the All-Pro tight end. Replayed showed, like on a handful of other plays throughout the game, White had held Gronkowski throughout the play and even pushed off on him to make the play.

While Gronkowski did fall victim to a number of the same kind of no-calls on blatant penalties from the defense that he has seen throughout his career, Sunday, his decision to hit White, well after the play was over and while he was defenseless, was completely unacceptable.

Gronkowski showed remorse for his uncharacteristic hit after the game, apologizing to White and saying that hits like that are not a part of his game.

Gronkowski is planning to appeal his suspension, which as it stands would hold him out of Monday's night's road game against the Miami Dolphins.

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