Late in the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots' 23-3 win over the Buffalo Bills, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was flagged for a late hit on Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White, which led to White entering the league's concussion protocol. 

After the game, Gronkowski offered an apology to White, saying that he got caught up in the moment and that hits like that are not part of his game.

Gronkowski, as is usually the case, was getting played extremely physically by White and his teammates all game long, with the referees failing to call any penalties on the Buffalo defenders.

On the play in question, it appear, both in real time and on video review, that White had made substantial contact with Gronkowski from the snap, including pushing off on the big tight end prior to intercepting Tom Brady's pass.

Following the interception, White was laying on the ground with the ball along the sideline, when Gronkowski, after pausing, drove his body into White's with his elbow connecting with White's head.

Gronkowski could possibly be suspended for the blow to the head of White, but was quick to say that he doesn't try to play like that.

"I just want to apologize to Tre'Davious White," Gronkowski said. "I don't really believe in type of shot's like that."

Gronk added that his action came from the frustration of what he perceived to be no-calls and that he kind of got lost in the moment.

The All-Pro tight end added that he feels that refs are "calling me for the craziest stuff ever."

Gronkowski was flagged earlier in the game for offensive pass interference on a play that appeared, on replay, to be devoid of actual pass interference.

The league should make a ruling on Gronk soon and it will probably cost the veteran one game.


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