Each year we get dozens of inquiries about how local businesses can get involved with Lemonade Day; now its' as simple as filling out a form!

Lemonade Day is designed to teach kids important business lessons, and one of those includes location, location, location!

Kids need to consider a few characteristics before settling on a location for their business including:

  1. Are there lots of people there on the weekend?
  2. Is it a safe place?
  3. Are these people thirsty?
  4. Do these people have money?
  5. Do you have permission to sell there?  (That's where great local businesses, like you, come in!)

If you are a safe place with lots of traffic from your own loyal customer base and are willing to work with a child to set up their stand, please fill out the form below.

As kids prepare for Lemonade Day through March and April, we'll start offering your business as a location willing to host a stand (via our Facebook page) and families will reach out to you from there. Once a child has your permission to set up a stand at your business, let us know, and we'll remove you from the list.

Lemonade Day 2018 is possible, thanks to our Main Squeeze Baycoast Bank, ProGroup Contracting, Frugal Franks, Sonic of Somerset, Andrew's Fruit & Produce, and Auclair's Market. Special thanks to Greater Fall River Re-Creation for their continued support of this program throughout the Fall River area.

Lemonade Day Facebook

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