Jimmy Garoppolo has got to watch everything he says and does. 

That's just a fact, for the former second round pick, who surprised some with his strong one and a half games of play last season in the absence of Tom Brady.

So, when Garoppolo sat down with The Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King for an interview that was published yesterday, he had to find that right words to explain how he fails in New England.

During the article, King talks about the other quarterbacks drafted in Garoppolo's class and the opportunities that they have been given to start in the league.

Garoppolo also offers up his self belief, saying that he wants to be a starter and compete to be one.

He starts his comment, however, by making it clear that he is not frustrated with his current situation and is happy to be in New England.

Now, might he be fibbing a bit? Sure.

What guy, who truly believes in his abilities would want to sit back and watch from the sideline as another player got all the glory?

Regardless of his true feeling, Garoppolo is saying all of the right things. He is set to become an unrestricted free agent next season, so his time might come very soon, but until then he is a New England Patriots.

At least in the public he has bought into that.

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