There is no better motivation to get kids to show up for school quite like some good old fashion bribery, right? Well, the city of Detroit seems to think so.

Thanks to a generous donation of Nike shoes they plan to do it.

In an attempt to get as many students to come to class on Detroit’s cash-critical Student Count Day on October 3, the day when students are counted and the numbers are used to establish state and federal funding, the school district has arranged to give away a free pair of black leather Nikes to every student who shows up.

While this last resort philosophy of “pay them off and hope for the best” is somewhat controversial to some, it appears as if the greater good of the school district’s yearly finances are being served, because the more students that come to class, the more money the schools will have throughout the year.

“Well, first off, we decided since we’ve been in the community for eight years, we wanted to give back to the community, so why not do what we do best — which is shoes,” explained Christian Dorsey, manager at Bob’s Classic Kicks, which is donating the sneakers.

It is believed as many as 17,000 pair of shoes will be given away, as the school district plans to hand out vouchers to every child in every grade.

“We know this is a great cause for the community, it’s something that needs to be done,” Dorsey said, adding he’s not worried about the cost of all those shoes because “it’s about educating our kids.”

Over the years, the Detroit school district has struggled with failing test scores, financial shortcomings, violence and diminishing student population. Plans to eliminate the district’s deficit, reduce crime in schools and improve test scores are reportedly to be unveiled this spring.


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