Scoot aside George Jetson; in a first-in-the-nation passage, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu made it official by signing a new law that makes it legal for "roadable aircraft" – or flying cars – to use the state's roadways, but bans them from landing or taking off on them. The flying cars would have to do that from an actual airstrip, for now.

Someday, can you hear Robert Shaw, "You're gonna need a bigger driveway," and signs will read "Fly and Drive" for parking areas instead of "Park and Ride."

The New Hampshire State Legislature has passed House Bill 1182, which makes it street-legal to have flying cars once they become certified for travel. Once you register your magnificent flying machine, there's going to be a municipal permit fee of $2,000. You'll only be allowed to fly your car in New Hampshire air space, but hopefully, other states will start rising to the occasion.

Courtesy Terrafugia
Courtesy Terrafugia

It's no longer a question of if, but when, these vehicles take to the road and the air. When they do, I imagine there'll be a lot of them vying for space. Airports will run out of runway space with all the flying cars, and I can foresee new runways being built specifically for the cars.

I would absolutely love to drive a flying car! I've got my seat belt and parachute attached, in position and holding to take off, and booming out of the speakers is some ear-splitting "Purple Haze," as Jimi Hendrix is singing out, " 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky."

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