Preschoolers at Potter Elementary School in Dartmouth have a message for the rest of the world.

The words "BE KIND" made from red solo cups decked out Potter's playground fence on Wednesday, April 11.

LL Cool Murph / Dartmouth Police Department Facebook
LL Cool Murph / Dartmouth Police Department Facebook

Probably the best piece of advice ever spoken. And to see it coming from a great group of little kids was the highlight of my day. It's impossible to look at this photo, knowing a bunch of three and four-year-olds created that artwork, and NOT smile!

Even the Dartmouth Police Department had a comment about the project: "This message created by the preschoolers at Potter School proves that sometimes the student can indeed become the master!"

That must have been their mission. With so much hatred going on in the world, it's nice to be reminded to just "BE KIND." And it doesn't hurt to share a smile every now and then.

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