Sometimes you share a special connection with another person in your life that goes beyond words. However, quite often we can look to the heavens to get some explanation of that connection.

My gorgeous wife, Celeste, is the real star in this constellation. We were married in February of 1979. Ten months later, in December of that same year, our Andrea Noel was born.

Here's where it gets fascinating: Andrea and I share the same birthday, December 22. We also share the fact that we were born at the exact same hour and minute, just 30 years apart. That mystical connection has to mean something.

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I wanted to find out about our sun signs and all those interesting things in horoscopes, so I turned to the one professional whom I trust and highly respect, Psychic Medium Stephanie Burke, the co-host of WBSM's Spooky Southcoast program.

She found this interesting on a couple of levels.

"Your sun, moon and rising signs are surprisingly exactly the same! This is so rare being 30 years apart and being born in different locations in the country," she said.

Burke explained to me how some of this works.

"The sun moves through the zodiac signs every 30 days. The moon moves through the signs every two days, and the rising sign is exact sign on the horizon, the exact minute you are born," she said. "So to share these three things on top of the same birthday, down to the hour and minute, is rare, exceptional and very special."

I didn't know that most people are only familiar with their sun signs, or the position of the sun on the day of birth.

"Most people don't realize that the position of the moon and the rising sign are a little more unique to your particular personality," Burke said. "Your moon and rising signs are calculated by the time of birth, in addition of the day."

So is there any special meaning to it all?

"This tells me that both you and your daughter are very similar in how you act, react, appear to others and the infinite understanding you have of each other," Burke said.

Not only is she on point, but also a master at her craft. The stars all lined up for real. As for the mystical connection, I'm convinced that there's spiritual reciprocity blended in to this star cluster.

"It's so rare and really beautiful. All of this tells me about the creation of a bond that's not only unique, but makes you two peas in a pod," Burke said.

Thank you, Celeste, for making this special connection between father and daughter possible.

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