Before you hear, "Mom...I'm bored," just remember that family summer ideas don't have to be elaborate or very costly. What really puts excitement and joy into summer kids ideas is parent participation!

As a grandfather (Papou), I can tell you that the best memories and photos you'll get are from ordinary, not extraordinary, things, like: picking berries at a farm, playing outside in the pouring rain, setting up a lemonade stand, camping out in the backyard, making Smores, having a sleepover, star gazing at UMASS Dartmouth Observatory, color their hair purple with wash out color.

You could make some ice cream, go fly a kit, build a fort, play miniature golf, decorate your walk with colored chalk, keep the kitchen cool by making no-bake cookies, go to a Drive-In (R.I.), set up a treasure hunt course outside or just press summer flowers and write summer of 2013 next to them for some of the greatest memories you'll look back on!

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