News of one Fairhaven waitress has been traveling fast throughout town and it all started because of her superb customer service.

Over at Little Village Cafe on Center Street is where you'll find Heidi Lourenco.

One afternoon, customer Lynde Nadeau caught Lourenco helping an older gentleman cut his steak with a fork and knife since he was unable to cut it himself due to a hand condition. That's when Nadeau snapped a quick photo and shared it on Facebook.

Courtesy and Permission From Lynde Nadeau
Courtesy and Permission From Lynde Nadeau

The gentleman's name is Ray and he's a local in town who sits and eats at the counter of Little Village at least a few times a week. Today, he ordered a steak and without batting an eye, Lorenco cut it up for him.

"I'm just doing my job," Lourenco said. "I love making sure my customers receive nothing but the best and are well taken care of, every time."

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I stopped in to grab a quick bite to eat and,  lo and behold, Lorenco was buzzing around catering to her customer's needs with a smile.

"Heidi always lends a hand to whoever needs help, including staff and customers, and goes above and beyond the call of duty every single time," owner Monica Mendonca said. "We value our customers and treat everyone who dines in with us like family. That's just who we are and we're proud of that."

Well, I and many others throughout the town are just as proud. Lourenco's selflessness deserves all the praise and recognition.

Especially in a world where kindness oftentimes gets overshadowed.

Kudos, Heidi Lourenco. A job well done.

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