Is their communication after death with our loved ones?

Did you hear about what happened when Fairhaven's Conrad Roy, Jr. happened to be looking through Facebook on Father's Day morning? If you asked him, I'm certain he'd tell you the greatest Father's Day gift would be to be with his son, Conrad Roy III, who died by suicide in 2014, in the case in which Michelle Carter was convicted of manslaughter.

Earlier this past Sunday morning, in another time zone on the other side of the Atlantic, Sandra Machado happened to see a red helmet in the waves, close to shore on the island of Sao Miguel. Little did she know how phenomenal her discovery would be.

It indeed, was Conrad Jr's. hard hat, complete with identification markers, proving that it originated in New Bedford in 2014 when father and son were working the job together.

Try convincing Roy that this wasn't a direct sign from his son on the other side.

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Some people believe they do see and sense signs of loved ones who've passed away, with the help of feathers, cardinals, red hawks, sudden strong scents of tobacco smoke or perfume. We see them in dreams, we hear one of their favorite songs just as we're thinking of them, or we notice a pet giving off nervous vibes signaling that something unseen is in their presence.

Sandra Machado via Facebook
Sandra Machado via Facebook

Can you tell when passed loved ones are around you? It's not like you'll see their footprints in the sand, but in this eerie case, if you happened upon a helmet that belonged to you, that miraculously and unexplainably washed up on a foreign shore 3,000 miles away seven years later, I would definitely lend an ear to what it's telling you.

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