Jon Faria/TSM

NEW BEDFORD - After three teachers at Keith Middle School resigned in public fashion at Monday night's New Bedford School Committee meeting, Dr. Pia Durkin is responding. The teachers expressed their displeasure with what they claim is the administration's lack of response to chronic problems within the school, including understaffing of teachers.

Speaking on WBSM, Superintendent Durkin says the incidents that the disgruntled teachers raised are being investigated. "No teacher should be either disrespected or not communicated to in a fair way," said Durkin. "You may not like my message, but I have to be able to give that communication."

Dr. Durkin says faculty should not be afraid to express their concerns directly to her. She added that the district continues to work it's way through a rigorous turnaround effort.

"It's not a fit for everyone. Turnaround work is difficult work. We are very serious about the supports that we give our teachers, as well as our principals. And they are our arms and legs that reach our children. As we always say, you cannot reach students without reaching the adults who work with them."

Last night, Dr. Durkin also announced the installation of Zachary Abrams as the new principal at Normandin Middle School, and Alexander Pella as the new assistant principal at Lincoln Elementary School.