Halloween 2021 was certainly better than last year's holiday. So here it is November 1, the kids are still high-strung from the sugar rush, and all the remaining confectioneries are calling your name every time you pass by.

Don't be worried. Donate every single piece of candy that's wrapped and unopened to charity. The most difficult part is going to be to convince the kids to give the candy to other children who couldn't go out trick-or-treating because they were hospitalized.

Call your local chapter of the Salvation Army and find out the rules of bringing your unopened Halloween candy, because they work with many families who would enjoy the sweets. If you want to stay local, call any homeless shelter or halfway house and speak with management.

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Here are some other ideas to help you out:

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Halloween treats will go a long way brightening the day of seriously sick children. Contact your area chapter to find out the particulars, and as a family, deliver the candies. Giving to the sick children will also make your kids feel good, too.

Operation Gratitude: This charitable program has been sending care packages to our troops for years. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter can be desolate times for those stationed overseas. Your Halloween candy will put a smile on the soldier's faces.

Treats for Troops or Operation Shoebox: Similar to Operation Gratitude, these are other reputable groups. Treats for Troops is run by Soldier's Angels that allows you and the kids send candy to the troops. We forget the soldiers are also moms, dads, sons and daughters who miss home. They'd love a Kit-Kat or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Giving the candy to someone else is a much more important element of happiness than  receiving it. When children are part of activities that support others less fortunate, it helps them appreciate what they have, and makes them feel useful.

Bet you never realized all this could come from a fun-size candy bar.

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