Massachusetts' current state slogan is "It's All Here," but is it time for something new?

The new executive director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, Rich Doucette, spoke with the Boston Globe recently and said he thinks Massachusetts need a more unique slogan.

He simply feels the slogan is a little too generic and could be used for any virtually any state, adding

At some point in time, we can make a stronger statement than ‘It’s all here.'"

And though he doesn't plan to make a change overnight, he is already thinking of what the new slogan could be about. According to the Globe, Doucette is thinking about the things that make Massachusetts unique, including (if not most importantly) the state's place in history.

So should the state have a more historical slogan? Something sporty considering all the great teams that call Massachusetts home?

What would you want the new state slogan to be? Do you even think we need one?