The holiday season is in full swing and here come the Christmas cards! I love getting Christmas cards in the mail, I like to see what holiday images people send.

I also like getting the Christmas card pictures, the ones of family's or kids, it's nice to see how they have grown over the year, especially the family's that live in other states. My favorite card in the mail is the one that contains "The Letter", you know what I'm talking about, the letter that tells the story of what everyone has been up to over the past year.

I like reading them and getting the updates, I know there are some letters that are well written, using humor to give the update. Then there are the letters that you read and say to yourself, "what the heck were they thinking when the wrote this". Those are the letters I really like! They crack me up, I mean do you really need to tell everyone in your extended family or friends that live across the country about every detail of your year, the answer is no, but there are those that do!

I remember reading a letter one year from a long distance family member, I mean really long distance and they wrote about every member of their family including the pets! Why this sticks in my head is because they talked about the dog having worms and the story that went along with that! It was too funny, I couldn't believe what I was reading, "poor Henry had it so bad, he was dragging his back-side all over the house".

That stuff is priceless! Have you ever received one of these letters? If you did, how was it written? Do you look forward to these letters like I do? These day's we are not getting as many letters as we used to, I think it's because of Facebook, I think people are updating their friends and family using that, I hope the letters don't stop all together, I would really miss them!

As for me I don't have an interesting enough life to write a letter to all my friends and family, plus I don't think my immediate family would like me sharing their story's either!

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