Disney Dining reported some big news today. The "world" famous Cinderella Castle will receive a makeover and a new name. "Elsa’s Ice Palace" will replace the Disney icon as of September 8th of this year. It's no secret that "Frozen" was an instant Disney classic in November of 2013. And now, there will be a little more Arendelle in Disney World. "The date for the official name change is the day after Frozen Summer Fun ends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which is also expecting a new name."

Disney Parks spokesperson Ilene Woods made the announcement on behalf of the amusement center. “We knew that the live action version of Cinderella would cause a problem for us. Cinderella no longer looks like Cinderella, and the castle at the Magic Kingdom looks nothing like what is seen in the movie. One of our Imagineers pointed out that ‘Ella’ and ‘Elsa’ sound so much alike that most people probably wouldn’t even notice the change. That set the plan in motion.”

Woods claimed there was no exact date for the rest of the changes to take place, but "we’re hoping for a year from today. That would make it April 1, 2016. April 1…get it? Oh, and one more thing. Did I mention that the bridge to Adventureland is for sale? I can get you a good deal on it if anyone is interested.”

Needless to say, I initially fell for it. I was horrified thinking they'd replace a Disney staple like Cinderella's Castle with something so new like Frozen. Especially since the live-action film has done so well in theaters recently. But, now it's your turn to punk someone else. Share this post for April Fool's Day!

(BTW - Ilene woods is the voice actress for Cinderella in the original 1950 film!)