You were not possessed. It was not your "time to die." You were a sweet, innocent baby who was probably hungry or needed comforting. A mother's love was something you clearly never received. So as you cried for her, or anyone to acknowledge your presence and fill a need, you were instead met with hatred and an evil I cannot bear to imagine.

You endured a brutal and painful death from someone who was not worthy to be involved in your young and precious life. As if that wasn't enough, your body was discarded in a trash bag and kept in a fridge until the monster in your home threw you away. Your mother was never a mother to you. Not in life, not in death. I have no words for her here. She does not deserve any more recognition in this letter to you.

Bella, you were robbed of your name for THREE months. You were referred to as "Baby Doe" for over 12 weeks. Now that you are no longer a mystery that our nation tried to figure out for so long, we mourn your loss. You had your whole life ahead of you and were capable of so many wonderful things. When I think about who you could have been years from now, I cannot help the tears.

I hope you are never called "Baby Doe" again. You may have only been on this Earth for a short while, but your innocent soul is much more beautiful than the details that followed your passing. For your name means Beauty and I intend to keep it that way.