It may be Labor Day weekend but summer fair food will live on at this new waffle ice cream sandwich (and more) stand in North Dartmouth.

If you are familiar with the Old Fall River Road-Faunce Corner Road intersection, you may have noticed a small sign that reads "Ice Cream and Hot Dogs" with an arrow pointing west up Old Fall River Road. Where on earth is there an ice cream and hot dog stand anywhere in that area, right?

If you make it to the top of the hill, you’ll find it. The Hill Crest Farm now features ice cream and other delicious carnival food items alongside its popular alpaca farm.

You’ll see the distinct carnival food truck flags flying high from the roadway. The giant blue WaffleMan truck is covered in pictures of waffle ice cream sandwiches, its premier treat.

But maybe a hot waffle sandwich, packed with your choice of ice cream and dusted in powdered sugar isn’t the dessert for which you're in the mood. Maybe you want the chocolate-dipped cheesecake, ice cream packed between two giant chocolate chip cookies, or a frozen banana.

Whatever the case, the Lanouette family wanted to be sure that there were food and treats in the area of Dartmouth that had long been missing it.

Back in the day, many people made the trek to City View for their treats. It sat on the top of the hill towards the end of Faunce Corner Road, overlooking the North End of New Bedford. Now it's just a small empty yellow building overlooking SouthCoast Behavioral Health.

City View was famous for being inexpensive, in the "country," and even offered a treat called the "Ice Burger," a slushie with a scoop of ice cream on top. How great would that have been during this past heatwave? Since it closed in 2009, the next closest ice cream place for anyone living in the area was Lickety Splits in Westport or Friendly’s near the Dartmouth Mall.

The Hill Crest Ice Cream carnival/ice cream/food truck was a welcome sight and definitely worth the stop on your way home from the playground. The best part about it is the family won't close it at the end of the season, they'll just flex the menu to suit the weather.

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