If you have been by the Target store on State Road in Dartmouth lately, then you have no doubt seen the shipping containers and construction equipment piling up.

While the rumors about in-store renovations have been running rampant for weeks, we did some digging to determine exactly what is going on inside our Dartmouth Target.

Back in February Target announced nationally that they were adding Starbucks orders and drive-up returns to their already incredibly popular curbside service. Though exact locations offering these additional services were not revealed, the signs are starting to point to Dartmouth being one of them

Target Permits Filed With Dartmouth Planning Board

Though the initial rumor we had heard was for a drive-thru window addition to the Dartmouth Target in-store Starbucks, both a Target spokesperson and Christine O'Grady, the planning director for Dartmouth have debunked those rumors. It would have been an amazing idea, but that isn't going to be part of the renovations to the in-store Starbucks.

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Changes Coming to the Dartmouth Target In-Store Starbucks

Like many of the store's departments, Starbucks is getting a facelift. Some serious renovations are coming to the in-store coffee shop, but exactly what remains a bit of a mystery. Starbucks manager Britney confirmed that when the renovations begin, the in-store Starbucks would be closed completely for four to six weeks. But as for what will happen during those closed weeks, the manager simply told us, "I don't think I can disclose that at this time."

Dartmouth Target Adding Outdoor Canopies

Information that has been disclosed both by the Planning Board and a Target spokesperson is the addition of several outdoor canopies "to better protect team members and guests from the elements."

It is these outdoor canopies combined with Starbucks upgrades that have us believing getting a coffee order with your Target pick-up is coming soon. Target tells us "these renovations will be complete later this summer."

Ulta Beauty Experience Coming to Dartmouth Target

The outdoor canopies and Starbucks remodel certainly don't account for all the commotion inside the store.

So what else is coming?

Target says: "This location will receive the Ulta Beauty experience."

This is another new concept for Target, adding a store inside the store that will feature 50 big-name beauty brands not otherwise carried by Target.

Clearly, the Dartmouth Target is going to become one-stop shopping for the SouthCoast before this summer is over.

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