Dartmouth residents who came out to speak against a proposed student housing by-law at Monday night's Planning Board meeting didn't have to say much.

The 13-citizen petition to allow a student housing community within 2 miles of UMass Dartmouth was formally withdrawn prior to the public hearing.

The article would've allowed for a minimum lot size of 50 acres, with 15 buildable acres, to also be close to residential areas, which had many locals concerned.

Resident James Costa arrived to the meeting ready to oppose the article, as he had to similar proposals in the past, and expects similar proposals in the future.

"I would've loved to have seen this go through the whole process right now so we could get this out there. We want to let the people know in town what's going on here. If it does [get] resubmitted we will be ready for it again," Costa told WBSM News.

The statement, submitted by attorney Walter Smith on behalf of the citizen petitioners, didn't give an explanation behind their withdrawal, only saying they were formally withdrawing the article.

It isn't known whether the 13 citizens who signed the petition for the by-law amendment are part of any development company, or if they are linked to past proposals.

The Planning Board was expected to give a recommendation for October's Town Meeting after hearing statements from the public. The article will now be removed from the agenda, however the group can resubmit at any point according to the Planning Board.

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