Dartmouth Police are warning people about a scam that is targeting the area once again.

The scam involves callers either leaving a text message or voice message telling the would be victims that they are being monitored and, if they don't return a call right away, legal action will be taken against them.

Det. Kyle Costa tells WBSM News that some of these calls have come from the number 844-324-1299 and when WBSM called that number the people on the other end claimed to be agents with the Internal Revenue Service.

Costa says law enforcement agencies, especially federal agencies like the IRS, don’t operate in this way.

“If any of these businesses or organizations are valid, number one, there not going to call you on the phone and threaten legal action or say that a law enforcement official is going to come to your house and arrest you,” said Costa “most correspondence, of not all correspondence done by these agencies is going to be done through the mail.”

Costa says the best course of action is to ignore the call entirely and call the agency they claim to represent if you have any questions.

“The best word of advice that we can give is that if it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t right,” said Costa “there’s nothing wrong with hanging up the phone and then getting a valid phone number, for example the IRS and just seeing if they were trying to reach out to you.”

Residents can also reach out to their local police department.

“We encourage them to reach out to their local agencies, if they think there’s something suspicious that would probably be the best way to go,” said Costa.

Costa says the phone number the call came from, has been reported to Comcast Security who have confirmed that it is a scam.