From the Dartmouth Police Department's Facebook Page:

"I've been meaning to share this story with all of you since our toy drive at Target on December 9th.

While collecting toys towards the end of the day, a young boy and his mother approached me.

After anxiously reaching into their carriage, the young boy pulled out a toy to give to me. While doing so, his mother said "Honey, but that's what you picked out for yourself today. Why don't you give them one of the other toys?" Without hesitation, the young boy replied to his mother "No mom. It's more important for another kid to have it. I want to!"

As you may or may not know, I'm not one to express my emotions very freely, but right before telling this young boy's mother that she did a great job raising him, I actually welled up a bit, because if this selfless expression isn't the perfect example of what Christmas spirit encompasses, then I don't know what is.

My only regret on this day is that I didn't get this young boy's name.

In light of my oversight, I am asking that all of you share this in an effort to see if we can by some Christmas miracle reach this young boy or his mother, as we have a little something for him here at DPD.

Now get out there and go do something nice for someone....right after you push the Share button!

Thank you"

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