Election day is just over a month away and everyone is tuning in to see which party will win on Tuesday, November 3. You know who is watching, even though they technically won’t have a voice on that day? Kids. Especially little girls who see Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate. That’s why a former resident of Dartmouth took on a project that felt bigger than herself.

Wahkuna Mae-lyn Campbell now lives in Los Angeles and teamed up with a friend to create a powerful coloring book. She posted about the labor of love on Facebook.

“With the presidential election just around the corner and Kamala Harris’s historical VP ticket, we wanted to remind all little girls that no matter their background or what they look like, they too can become a great leader for their community, our country, even the world! I partnered with my dear and talented friend, Jessica Zyla on a project that we have worked so hard on and are SO EXCITED to finally share with all of you! We have just published our coloring book, ‘Leadership Looks Like Me - Kamala Harris Edition,’ available on Amazon!”

The coloring book itself is beautifully done and sends a clear message to young girls that women can do and be anything.

Campbell and Zyla have decided that 50 percent of all profits made between now and election day will be donated to the Biden/Harris campaign. “We will continue making donations to underserved communities after Election Day as well. Foundation to be announced soon!”

Watch the video below to see what is inside:

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