Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn has given Fall River $38,000 to purchase a new police cruiser.

The cruiser was on display Thursday outside the Fall River Police station.

As to why he chose Fall River for the gift, the D-A said "there's been a lot of financial turmoil in this city that is not shared by other cities. I mean if you follow the news the last two or three years, there's been issues with the budget and the government, and the chief indicated to me he needed it and it seems like an appropriate use of funds," said Quinn.

The money comes from the District Attorney's drug forfeiture account. Chief Daniel Racine praised Quinn for stepping up. "Folks talk about partnerships and big government, I hear it all the time. Often its words on paper, but this isn't words on paper, this is reality. I thank the District Attorney very much."

Asked what would happen if other communities approached him about buying equipment, Quinn says his office would do what it could. He says his office has collected "several hundred thousand dollars" in drug forfeiture money.

Jim Phillips / TSM
Jim Phillips / TSM


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