If you're reading this while walking in Massachusetts, it could cost you a couple of hundred bucks! The Beacon Hill Wizards are considering making texting while crossing the street illegal. Texting while driving is banned in the Commonwealth and now texting while crossing the street could become become against the law, too!

Do we really need another ridiculous law like this? I'm told the intent of this proposed law is to lower clueless pedestrians from getting run over. But I don't think an absurd law like this is going to change behavior or improve the clueless rate. Lawmakers say distracted 'phone-walking' is dangerous and that there's been an uptick in fatalities. So, the only way to reverse that is to pass hairbrained legislation!

Do you believe a hefty fine might make pedestrians more cautious? I think this whole idea is foolheaded, like the distracted walkers, and that you can never enforce common sense.

Join the conversation. I'd like to know what you think.

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