New Bedford School Committee member Chris Cotter continued to push his issue with Superintendent Pia Durkin Monday night.

Cotter claims the superintendent sent letters to Mayor Jon Mitchell and Cotter's supervisors at the New Bedford Police Department, accusing him of using his position as a detective to gain information on a situation involving a student and a teacher at Keith Middle School.

During the school committee meeting's member report section, Cotter asked that the issue be placed on a future committee agenda for discussion. He also requested a formal investigation into the situation.

Other committee members said they were frustrated with the ongoing problems between Durkin and Cotter, voting against the issue being brought up again 4-2.

The two spoke privately during a separate meeting, but did not come to a solution.

Cotter told WBSM News he had been contacted by other school committee members with information conflicting with his side of the story, which is why he wanted to discuss it during a committee meeting.

"That's the reason I'm asking for the investigation, because there are way too many stories, all of which are saying I was wrong in what I did, when I welcome an investigation," Cotter said.

Aside from Cotter himself, only committee member Josh Amaral voted in favor of openly discussing the conflict, saying it would help move past it.

"I don't know that repeatedly airing this in public is the way to go. It's not my style, for sure. But at the same time, I am in favor of transparency and I'd like to learn a little more about what's going on here at the appropriate time and in the appropriate venue," Amaral said.

Durkin did not comment on the subject during the issue and declined to comment after.