A police department in Fairfield, CT had to issue a warning to its citizens that just because their cable goes out, does not justify them calling 911. 

We all get a little aggravated when the cable goes out, but the people of southwestern Connecticut seem to think that it warrants a call to the police department.

The police in Fairfield had to issue the following statement on their Facebook page, after receiving a number of calls of angry cable customers.

NOTICE: We are receiving numerous 911 calls regarding the Cablevison outage. This is neither an emergency or a police related concern. Please direct your inquiries to Cablevision.

911 should only be called for Life Threatening Emergencies ONLY.

Incidents that are not of an emergency nature may be reported to the Fairfield Police Department at (203) 254-4800.

Misuse of the 911 system may result in an arrest

With outages occurring on Sunday night, you have to wonder if people were just trying to watch the latest episode of "Breaking Bad", or keep up with the drama going on at Fenway park between the Yankees and Red Sox.

According to Cablevision, the provider in question, all problems have been resolved.