The Democrats are committing political suicide in 2018 as they move to the radical left.

New York Congressman Joseph Crowley is a liberal and he is the elected chair of the House Democratic Caucus. His position as head of the caucus makes him a member of the House Democrat leadership team, and he was on the short list to be Speaker of the House if the Democrats win a majority of seats in 2018. Crowley also sits on the powerful Ways and Means committee.

All of this changed earlier this year when he was defeated by a 28-year-old socialist who had never held office before. Joe Crowley never saw it coming, and now he is out of a job because his opponent promised more free stuff to the Democratic primary voters in his district than he did in 2018.

Enter California Congresswoman Barbara Lee to fill the leadership vacuum left by the political death of Crowley. Representative Lee has thrown her beret into the ring to be the next chair of the House Democratic Caucus. The socialist who defeated Crowley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, actually wants Lee to be the next Speaker of the House.

So who is Barbara Lee?

She started her political involvement through the Black Panther Party. The BPP was a race-based organization dedicated to overthrowing the United States government and replacing it with a Communist dictatorship. The Black Panthers were supporters of dictatorships in Cuba, North Vietnam, North Korea, China and the Soviet Union. The BPP accepted a free embassy compound from the government of North Vietnam while they were at war with America. This is where Barbara Lee learned her values.

Barbara Lee’s first trip to Communist Cuba was to visit Huey Newton, the violent leader of the BPP. At the time of her visit, Newton was a fugitive from justice and he was being given political sanctuary by Fidel Castro. She has since made multiple pilgrimages to Communist Cuba.

Barbara Lee became a staffer to Democrat Congressman Ronald Dellums of California. In 1983, the United States military invaded the island country of Grenada to rescue American students and to halt the construction of a military-grade airport being constructed by the Cubans and the Soviet Union. The Americans traded gunfire with the Cuban “construction workers” who happened to also have military weapons on hand.

Among the documents discovered by U.S. intelligence in Grenada was a copy of a U.S. House report on the Cuban and Soviet airport in Grenada. The U.S. government was concerned about the airport because it would allow for Soviet fighter planes to land and take off from a new base in the Western Hemisphere and threaten the United States.

The captured report was a draft sent by Barbara Lee, along with a request for the communists in Grenada to edit it for their purposes before it went to the United States government. Barbara Lee wanted the input of a Soviet-Cuban puppet state on a House Armed Services Committee report regarding a military base to be used by the Soviet Union to threaten America and American allies in the region.

A vote for a Democrat in the House is a vote for a woman who literally colluded with a hostile foreign government.

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