KG Urban's efforts to obtain a Region C Casino license officially came to an end on Thursday when the Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted 5-0 to accept the company's letter to withdraw from the process.

Chair Stephen Crosby told commissioners he'd like to see KG Urban have a chance to be able to further their application if they could get the necessary funding.

"If somebody called them up tomorrow and said 'I'll finance the deal' and was a real person with real money I would say we'd wanna consider whether they could go forward," said Crosby.

However a representative with the Commission's Investigation and Enforcement Division says that the vote means KG Urban won't be able to resubmit an application before the September 30 deadline.

During the debate, Commissioner Enrique Zuniga compared the situation to a break-up and said the Commission needed to accept KG Urban's withdrawal for what it was.

"What is wrong with accepting what they're telling us? I mean I had girlfriends who broke up with me, you just have to accept what they tell you," Zuniga said "you just simply have to accept what they tell you."

Following that vote, the Commission decided to seek public comment on Region C and then place it on the agenda for an upcoming public meeting.

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