So Patriot Nation, not used to missing the Super Bowl, is still reeling from the total crapfest that was last season and is left hanging on pins and needles about whether the G.O.A.T. is going to resign or go over to the dark side – the dark side being anywhere other than Gillette Stadium.

Team owner Robert Kraft really let the team and the fans down last season by not fielding the best possible team. He gave Tom Brady no one to play with. Kraft did find someone to play with and the subsequent scandal that resulted cast a dark cloud over at least the first part of the season. Not only that, the Antonio Brown fiasco and the loss of Rob Gronkowski really screwed up the mojo as well.

So now fans are left twisting in the wind waiting for word from TB12 as to whether he'll resign or go elsewhere. Kraft would be mighty stupid not to offer him the moon and all the trimmings and Brady would be pretty foolish to think there is something better than finishing out his storied career right here at home. Remember, the grass always looks green in the other dude's yard, right? That is until you find out it isn't.

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Brady posted a cryptic photo of himself on his Twitter page on Thursday night. It is a dark silhouette of Brady either walking onto the filed from the tunnel or away from it. Tough to tell. Either way, the readers of tea leaves are proclaiming it as a "sign" that Brady's departure is imminent. Others say the dark photo was a tribute to Kobe Bryant, who died this week in a helicopter crash. Who knows?

I love Tom Brady. I don't want him to go anywhere for as long as he is able to throw a football. But I also hate drama and head games. If Brady is being cryptic on purpose to manipulate the fan's emotions, thus putting pressure on Kraft, that's not fair.

Fans are stressed enough over who is going to lead the scandalous Red Sox onto the filed this spring and want the Brady saga to end quickly. Come on guys, get behind closed doors and get this sucker done. In other words, DO YOUR JOBS!

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