The New Bedford City Council will be talking illegal immigration and deportation policy Tuesday night.

The full council meeting before the Thanksgiving break will take up a motion by Councillor-at-Large Debora Coelho asking that the state legislative delegation support the city's opposition to the mass deportation of illegal immigrants.

Coelho tells WBSM News the motion was inspired by the Bianco Factory raid in New Bedford almost a decade ago. "I just don't want to see that happening anywhere again in America," Coelho said of the raid, which rounded up over 300 illegal immigrants, separating families during deportation. "I'm not saying that people that commit crimes and go through the court system and are found to be here illegally....they should be deported. That's nothing new. That's been happening."

Coelho says with President-Elect Trump's rhetoric on illegal immigration while on the campaign trail, she wanted to make it clear that illegal immigrants should not be discriminated against and treated unfairly.

Coelho says the motion would not declare New Bedford a sanctuary city.

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