The Freetown Police Department shared a post on their Facebook page that drew a lot of attention this morning. This unique piece of Christmas decor will leave you wanting more of that National Lampoon Christmas Vacation vibe.

"Whoever you are, this made our day. Bravo."

Freetown Police Department
Freetown Police Department

Angela wrote: "Omg I just passed this! My son took a picture and I posted it! The best Christmas display yet!"

Paul said that it "brightens up everyone's holiday. I love how the tree is clearly pulled right out of the ground too." We like that personal touch too, Paul.

Ken wants to know where this is because he has to see this in person. Well, Ken, this is located across the street from Junior's Convenience Store at 51 South Main Street in Assonet.

Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas.

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