With a blizzard on the way, it is very important that we know what we're up against and what we need to do to be able to handle it.

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Right now the City of New Bedford is expecting a foot or more of snow. With a Blizzard Watch in place the City of New Bedford has some preparations and measures to follow in case of a snow emergency.

Property Owner’s Responsibilities

  • Every owner or occupant of a building or lot of land abutting upon a sidewalk in any street or public place in the city shall cause to be removed from such sidewalk within a reasonable time after such snow has ceased to fall....(Sec. 22-15.)
  • No person shall remove snow or ice from any sidewalk, street or private property and cause it to be placed onto a sidewalk, which abuts another property or onto another person’s property without the express permission of the respective property owner. (Sec. 22-15)

Snow Emergency Parking Ban

  • "...when it is determined by the Superintendent or the Commissioner of the Department of Public Facilities that the extent of a storm will call for more than normal operations, the Mayor of the City of New Bedford will be requested to issue an emergency proclamation."
  • Announcements of such a proclamation will be made on local radio and television stations.
  • When an emergency snow plowing proclamation is issued, the following regulations will be in effect:
  • Parking is permitted on the side of the street that is opposite the fire hydrants. No vehicle should be parked on the same side of the street as a fire hydrant except on streets that are regularly posted for parking on one side of the street only. In posted areas, residents are to obey the signs as usual.
  • (Parking is allowed on the north side of all streets going east and west and on the east side of all streets going north and south. Please note that on the streets which are regularly posted for parking on one side of the street only, residents are to obey the signs as usual.)
  • As conditions warrant, violators of this parking regulation will be subject to a citation ($50.00), and towing / storage fees.
  • Personnel engaged in snow plowing or removing operations are authorized to ignore one-way street signs: therefore, the public is warned to be on the alert for this condition and to exercise caution.
  • The emergency order shall remain in effect for 48 hours unless further extended.

Designated Parking Areas During Snow Emergencies

  • Victory Park - Brock Avenue
  • Hazelwood Park - Brock Avenue
  • Roosevelt Middle School - Brock Avenue and Dennis Street
  • Cove Street Parking Lot - Cove Street and Morton Court
  • Orchard Street at Camara Soccer Field
  • Congdon School - Thompson and Hemlock Street
  • Buttonwood Park Parking Area - Hawthorn Street Side and Lake Street Side
  • Coggeshall Street Parking Lot - Coggeshall Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Sawyer Street Parking Lot - Between Sawyer Street and Beetle Street
  • Brooklawn Park Parking Area - Brooklawn Street (South Side)
  • Normandin Middle School - Tarkiln Hill Road
  • Jireh Swift School - Tarkiln Hill Road
  • Campbell School - Phillips Road
  • Alma del Mar Charter School (former Ottiwell School) - 26 Madeira Avenue
  • Philips Avenue School – 249 Phillips Avenue
  • DeValles School – 120 Katherine Street
  • Parker School – 705 County Street
  • Elm Street Garage
  • Zeiterion Garage – 688 Purchase Street

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