It was right around the holiday season about two years ago that Meghan Wilson, husband Marc and their young son were trying to get into the Christmas spirit. What action could they take to make others happy? What could they buy? What could they give?

They decided to help a family in need celebrate Christmas.

They met the family at a Middleboro Christmas tree farm and bought them a beautiful tree. With donations from their family, they paired the tree with two gift cards, one to buy the children gifts to put under the tree and the other to buy ornaments.

The family was thrilled, but not half as thrilled as Marc and Meghan. Giving this family a tree put an infectious warmth in their hearts.

"When I was growing up in New Bedford everything revolved around the Christmas tree, and I just want as many people to have that feeling as possible," Meghan said.

Last year, the couple decided to do it again. They enjoyed the feeling so much that they involved members of their church. What was originally an act to benefit one family grew to benefit six families. The joy spread even further.

Now, this Christmas season, the trend continues. The Wilsons and their church family are blessing 40 SouthCoast families with freshly cut trees just delivered from Maine.

The trees are specifically reserved for needy families, and they will be distributed Saturday morning (Dec. 9) at Family of Christ Church on Anderson Way in Dartmouth.  If you or a family you know would benefit from one of these trees, text Meghan at (774) 263-4846. Families can pick up the tree this weekend, or arrangements can be made for delivery.

"Each year, we hope to bless more families," Meghan said.

"With the help and donations from the public we hope to be able to expand each year. It is called Love A Family @ Christmas. With so much negativity and despair currently in this world, we hope to show our community that there is still hope and love to give."

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