The Greater New Bedford Relay for Life is winding down this morning.

The annual fundraiser for cancer research at Paul Walsh Field saw over 300 people raising money, with many more supporting them as they made countless laps around the track.

Victoria GraselLa, Event Leader for the Greater New Bedford Relay for Life, tells WBSM News that the event is still needed in the 21st century to connect those battling cancer with those that have survived. "They're not alone. There are so many other people who have been through this, that are going through this now, and they can just share their stories and go in the journey together," said Grasela. "So it's just a way for them to come together and see that they're not alone."

As part of the overnight walk and fundraiser, a small ceremony was held in memory of late Police Chief David Provencher, who was a cancer survivor that passed away late last year due to respiratory arrest. Provencher led the survivor's lap at the Relay for Life in 2013.

Grasela says the event raised more than $100,000.