On the first edition of the Change My Mind podcast, Wesley Sykes and Nick Friar start off with their explanation as to why they created it and what it’s all about.

Then it’s time for Top of Mind, as they delve into some of the latest news in nerd culture, including a look at the new season of The Punisher, the trailer for Spiderman: Far From Home, Spawn Kills Everyone Too, Rob Liefeld’s return to Marvel, and Aquaman topping $1 billion at the global box office. We also get Wesley’s Mind-Melting Minute.

Then it’s time for the big debate of this week’s episode in Speak Your Mind. Wesley thinks spoilers are a good thing. Nick, like any rational human, does not. You can weigh in with who you think is right by voting on Twitter @ChangeMyMindPOD.

From there, it’s What’s on Your Mind? Wesley, like many of you, is excited about the third season of True Detective, and he has a few other shows going on, too. Nick is still dwelling on the cancellation of the Hellblazer title. He explains why he wants Sean Murphy not only drawing John Constantine, but also telling his story.

Finally, it’s time to Keep in Mind, as the guys look ahead at what’s coming up in next week’s Episode 2 of Change My Mind.

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