Sometimes things just get so outrageous you have to stop and think,  am I dreaming this?  You just can't make this stuff up!

Let's take the state's "opioid crisis" for example. With multiple overdoses occurring on an almost  daily basis here in the region the Baker Administration is ready to declare it's opioid law a "national model."  Governor Charlie Baker and his New Hampshire counterpart Maggie Hassan plan to recommend our winning strategy to governors from all over the country during a meeting of the National Governor's Association.  Excuse me sir, shouldn't we at least wait for the dying to subside before we start having victory parades?

Then there is our AWOL U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren whose, now legendary house-flipping during the great real estate crash earned her millions.  She rails against the rich and Donald Trump's border wall while hiding behind the wall that protects her 1.9 million dollar home in Cambridge.  Who made her the official moralist for this election campaign? Big Chief Warren collected 430 thousand dollars to teach a class at Harvard...but she is one of us common folk.  No wonder we never see her,  what self-respecting limousine liberal wants to be seen hanging with the common folk?

And A.G. Maura Healey says we need to enact a  transgender rights bill so badly that she can begin enforcing it even though no rules have been agreed to that would enforce violations if horny sexual predators decide to follow your mother or daughter into the ladies room.  And guess what?  One version of the law puts her in charge of making those rules.  State Representative Paul Schmid says we need the law so badly because existing law permits businesses to refuse to allow transgender people to use their bathrooms..  Why he even compares the proposed law to the one that freed the "black slaves."

And to those South Coast Rail "moonbats" out there, it's time to wake up and realized that you've been had.  The train is not coming, never was and never will be.  Lot of folks have made good livings off of this myth.  Damn, they got us again!

You just can't make this stuff up!