The tinfoil hat crowd was abuzz Friday morning with a conspiracy theory about a mysterious explosion on Cape Cod that was oddly going unreported in the local news.

Except, WBSM News has confirmed that there was no explosion.

The story appears to have started on a website/social media platform called StreetLoc. StreetLoc is described in app stores as “privacy focused social media” and on its site, it boasts that it is “Facebook without the censorship or the ‘fact checkers.’”


According to the article, “Around 11:40am EST there was a huge explosion in Cape Cod close to the Pave Paws radar station. There is no word as to what caused the explosion.” Although the article began circulating across social media on Thursday, the article itself appears undated.

Also in the article is a supposed addition to the original post: “UPDATE 8:25pm EST, StreetLoc News: We are investigating this article after reports from our users and will update this article as soon as we have additional information.”

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They must not have investigated too hard, because WBSM News got an answer pretty quickly from local officials and was able to 100 percent debunk the story. Which wasn’t too hard to do, seeing how such a major event at such a vital defense site would have been all over the news anyway, if it were true.

The PAVE PAWS station in Sandwich is an early-warning system for any potential missile attacks on the United States from at sea. The 10-story, pyramid-like tower can be seen from the Sagamore Bridge when crossing over to Cape Cod. The acronym stands for Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System, and the Sandwich location is one of four such stations across the United States.

“Conspiracy Twitter” was all over the story, sharing it out with comments such as “Uhh guys we may have a problem,” “SOMEONE IS TAKING OUT OUR EARLY WARNING RADAR SYSTEMS” and “They are trying to blind us to what is coming.”

A story on the website for The Hal Turner Radio Show – Turner claims to be “the ONLY living American media member IMPRISONED for writing a news Editorial the Obama Regime didn't like” – also included a quote with no attribution.

“The explosion was so large that workers over two miles away heard it,” the Hal Turner version of the article read. “One worker reports ‘When I looked outside, the sky was filled with gray and orange smoke, just like that explosion which destroyed the port of Beirut, Lebanon,’ he said.”

A caller to The Phil Paleologos Show on WBSM Friday morning suggested that the explosion was “heard for miles” and “seen for miles,” and that “one person was injured.” He said he tuned into emergency channels for Cape Cod first responders but that “it was being kept quiet.”

A YouTube video by user “Gattaca” questioned if the incident was “a false flag, or a real attack that was thwarted."

“We all know what the agenda is, what they want to do,” he said. “They want to take the power grid down, take everything down and blame it on terrorists or whatever. Don’t believe it if it happens, just keep your eyes peeled.”

WBSM News reached out to both the Sandwich Police Department and Joint Base Cape Cod, and asked about the alleged explosion.

“That’s absolutely not true,” said Jackson Emery, Fire Chief at Joint Base Cape Cod. “It was a prescription burn, like they do on other parts of the base and other parts of the Cape.”

Emery explained that “prescription burns” are controlled burns used to clear out brush from certain areas.

“That was just one of the ones that was scheduled to go. Some of the smoke didn’t rise the way they thought it was going to, so it laid back down a little bit,” he said. “There was nothing wrong, and actually, it was outside the area of the PAVE PAWS site.”

Of course, this won’t matter to the conspiracy theorists. This article will be labeled as “fake news” that is either in on the conspiracy or I'm being duped into writing “what they want you to believe.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, the microchip that Bill Gates implanted in me through the COVID vaccine is telling me it’s time to cash my weekly check from George Soros.

(Editor's Note: the links in this story are solely for citation purposes and should not be considered any kind of endorsement)

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