We all miss Edison, Buttonwood Zoo’s 15 year old coyote who was "humanely euthanized by Zoo veterinary staff in July due to the worsening of advance arthritic conditions." His enclosure-mate, Cody, has taken the loss of his friend very hard and the zoo staff help him overcome the depression. Meanwhile, officials were searching high and low for a suitable companion for 1 and1/2 year old Cody.

After months of looking, the zoo is happy to announce the arrival of 5-month-old coyote pup Molly! Molly was acquainted to Cody this week, and the zoo is ecstatic to see their friendship blossom. Lance Gunberg, Director of Marketing and Visuals at Buttonwood Park Zoo, wanted to make us aware of the amazing story of how Molly came to reside at our beloved zoo.

"One evening a wildlife rehabber was driving the back roads of Texas and discovered on the side of the road an obviously pregnant female coyote that had recently been hit and killed by a motor vehicle. Hoping the pups inside mom were still alive, the rehabber performed an emergency Cesarean section on the female and was able to save four of her pups.

These saved pups were raised with a desire for them to be released back to the wild. Unfortunately, as time passed it became obvious to rehabbers that the pups were not developing the survival skills needed for a successful reintroduction back to the wild. One of the pups in this litter was a spry female that the Zoo has since named Molly.

Molly arrived at the Zoo in the beginning of September and after successfully passing the Zoo’s 30 day mandatory quarantine period, was introduced to Cody last weekend. Cody and Molly immediately bonded and much to the delight of recent Zoo visitors, these two young coyotes have been seen endlessly playing in their dedicated habitat."

Lance Gunberg
Marketing/Visuals at Buttonwood Park Zoo

Maybe one day Molly will follow in Cody's paw-steps and become an Animal Ambassador. She will be allowed to leave her enclosure for guests to experience her howling beauty up close and personal. An educational opportunity like none other!