Tom Brady once again, leaving the NFL world in awe as the 2016 regular season closed yesterday. After his return from a 4 game suspension, Brady finished the season with an 11-1 record, 28 TDs and 2 Interceptions, a new NFL TD to INT ratio record.

After spotting the league's QB competition 4 games, Brady won more games than 26 other team QBs and only Dak Prescott (Dallas), Alex Smith (Kansas City and Derek Carr (Oakland) won more.

During the final game of the season Brady surpassed the great Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins 1983-1999) in career yardage, Brady now 4th in NFL history with 61,582 career passing yards to Marino's still incredible 61,361. CBS Sports completely dropped the ball, not even mentioning the feat despite it happening against Marino's team and in his city.

Greatest QB debate leans heavier toward TB12 and will only get worse for the 'Hatriots' out there. I will break down the records to reflect both regular season games and then playoffs compared to the only QBs who are also in the conversation; Joe Montana, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino.


Regular season:

Name            Team(s)          W-L                   Yards         TDs / INTs                   QB RTG

Joe Montana  SF/KC         117-47 (71.3%)   40,5551    273/139 (1.96)                  92.3

Tom Brady       NE            183-52 (77.8%)     61,582     456/152  (3.00)                 97.2  

Peyton Manning IN/DE     186-79 (70.1%)     71,940     539/251  (2.14)                 95.5

Dan Marino      MIA           147-93 (612%)      61,361    420/252  (1.66)                  86.4


Post Season:

Name            Team(s)          W-L             Yards         TDs / INTs        QB RTG    SB Rings

Joe Montana    SF/KC   16-7 (69.5%)    5,772            45/21 (2.14)        95.6           4

Tom Brady       NE          22-9 (70.9%)   7,957            56/28 (2.00)        88.0           4

Peyton Manning IN/DE  14-13 (51.8%)   7,339             40/25 (1.6)         87.4           2

Dan Marino      MIA        8-10 (44.4%)     4,510           32/24 (1.33)          77.1          0

Of course, the book is closed on Montana, Manning and Marino while in 12 days, on January 14th, 2017, Brady will add to his record. He nd New England will enjoy home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs and if successful, will take the Patriots perfect road record of 8-0 to Houston

Your verdict is most welcome in the Comments section:


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