According to ESPN, New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady had the NFL's top selling jersey for the 2015-16 season. 

Coming off of an off season in which the league stopped at nothing to drag the four time Super Bowl Champion's name through the mud and blame him for Deflategate, Brady's jersey sales soared.

While Brady got the win in the court room, as the NFL's case against him proved to be full of inaccuracies and unjust, it appears number 12 also won in the eyes of the fans.

With the fact that the Patriots have not really made any changes or modifications to their game jerseys throughout Brady's career, it is quite impressive that he still sits atop the league in sales.

Since that's the case, it seems safe to say that the high sales could be attributed, at least in part, to a show of solidarity towards Brady from the fans.

Brady did also have another tremendous season, throwing for 4,770 yards and 36 scores in the regular season with a makeshift offensive line and multiple top weapons missing time.

I wonder if NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell will pay for an investigation into potential tampering by Brady for having the top selling jersey.

Also in the top 25 were Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski (#4) and wide receiver Julian Edelman (#16).

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