Patriots fans might have been thinking it was a dream come true when Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Julien Edelman were photographed together in Patriots uniforms recently, but it isn't what you're thinking.

The photo from Edelman's stories on Instagram was quickly deleted, but not before Patriots fans could see it and start dreaming.

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Sadly, we all need to wake up. This reunion is not to be, but a movie about the Patriots' amazing Super Bowl LI come from behind win is.

Seems the picture was taken on the set of a new movie that Tom himself is co-producing. The film, titled 80 For Brady, stars Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field and Rita Moreno, and follows the four women on a road trip to see the Patriots play in that historic Super Bowl.

The movie is actually based on the true story of four massive Brady fans who really did make this road trip and ultimately to got see the game of a lifetime.

Not sure if the real-life road trippers got to meet Brady after the game or anything, but I assume the movie characters will because that's so how Hollywood would craft the story.

Clearly, Brady and Edelman suited up for game scenes makes sense too, though Gronk was out of the Super Bowl due to injury, so his role in the film remains a bit of a mystery.

Production on the film has been underway in California since March, though no word yet on a release date for this sports comedy. Whenever it comes out, however, I know I will be there to watch it.

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