Across the SouthCoast, everyone thinks everyone else is a terrible driver. Rhode Islanders think drivers from Massachusetts are the worst, Bay Staters think Ocean Staters don't know what they're doing, and basically no one out there is doing it right. Yet as this video from the WGBH archives shows, this is nothing new.

Recently, old footage of an intersection in Boston popped up on Reddit and just watching it gives me anxiety. Though I have no idea why it was filmed in the first place, the clip shows drivers trying to take a left-hand turn while other drivers completely deny them the chance. Nothing new, right?

The craziest part of this video, however, is the total lack of lines on the roadway. Seriously, there is no median line, no turn lane lines, no lines marking the edge of the road. Simply no lines. That is super weird to me.

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The other drivers denying someone a chance to turn, that seems pretty much everyday normal, even today. The aggressive nosing in to still make your turn totally still tracks, too, though every time I watch this clip I think that yellow car is going to get smashed for sure.

The other delightful part of this video post on Reddit were the comments, of course. User MilesAhead3 noted that "nothings changed" while GrimmRetails stated "not enough middle fingers for this to be Boston." Lots of other users dubbed these types of turns the "Mass Left," the "Cape Cod Crawl," the "Boston Block" and "Pulling a Pilgrim."

I just call it nerve-racking.

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